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  • Jhonny "biojo" Vargas


Always on the edge, either on the wet and slippery rocks or above the stream of water in sticks of Guadua (Bamboo). Any mistakes, at best of situation you don't eat, but falling into the river means death. The eyes always in the water, in this environment, is the only sense that can be trusted. The ready hand wielding the harpoon, it does not matter if it is noon or midnight. The prey is ready, not just any fish dares to climb these rapids, the Dorado has one of the longest freshwater migrations, they reproduce at the headwaters of the Andean tributaries, then the eggs and larvae are transported downriver to the Amazon estuary, where they spend their first years before migrating upriver to complete their cycle. This is where the fisherman awaits him. The fish go around the jet, fighting against the current, they try several times looking for the best place to cross. Only a trained eye could see the goldfish's back in these murky waters. The fisherman patiently waits, suddenly a dorsal fin appears and ...

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