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Cromatophoro is a NGO that promotes the conservation of the environmental and cultural diversity of South America through audiovisual art and documentaries. Based on a social and artistic commitment, we integrate the audiovisual media with the natural and human sciences to support research and conservation. We offer fixing and production services for international production companies.


Jhonny Vargas

Director, cinematographer, field producer and Marine Biologist. Scientific communicator


Felipe Pinzon

Producer and cinematographer.Project coordinator


Camilo Martinez

Producer, Marine Biologist and scientific communicator.

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María F. Gutierrez

Ph. D. Biological Sciences, Master in communication and Scientific communicator

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Stephanie Arenas

Audiovisual media producer, post-producer, show designer and VJ.

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Fernando Dueñas

Professional in audiovisual media with emphasis on Mayan Cinema and 3D animation.

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