Cromatophoro is a corporation that promotes the conservation of the environmental and cultural diversity of South America through audiovisual art. Based on a social and artistic commitment, we integrate the audiovisual media with the natural and human sciences to support research, conservation and the construction of a sustainable human consciousness with the planet.

Jhonny Vargas

Director, cinematographer, field producer and Marine Biologist. Scientific communicato

Felipe Pinzon

Producer and cinematographer.Project coordinator

Camilo Martinez

Producer, Marine Biologist and scientific communicator.

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Bogotá, Transversal 22a # 53c 35 apto. 102
                         Teléfono: +571 3104801533

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Ave. Marítima 9 Tabaiba Baja
                         Teléfono:  +34 722761736